Is FIBRE LASH ok to wear if I wear contacts?

Yes, contact wearers can use FIBRE LASH making sure you pay attention to the instructions of application & tilt head forward when applying fibres to avoid any fibres falling in your eyes.

Do I have to take FIBRE LASH off?

Yes, we do advise you wear FIBRE LASH like any other mascara and simply remove before sleeping with warm water and your normal makeup remover.

How does FIBRE LASH come off?

FIBRE LASH is designed to “flake” when washing mascara off. Say goodbye to panda eyes.

Is FIBRE LASH Water Resistant?

Yes. It is very durable and long lasting and will only remove when warm water with facial cleanser, or makeup remover is used.

Can I use any other mascara with the fibres?

No we advise you only use it with official FIBRE LASH extension black Mascara, as FIBRE LASH Mascara & Fibres have been formulated to work together to guarantee amazing results.

Is FIBRE LASH just like traditional fake eye lashes?

FIBRE LASH Instant Brush in False Lashes is not traditional false lashes, and it is not just like any mascara or lash primer it is revolutionary combination of the 2 technologies which creates the most dramatic, natural looking lashes: special ‘extension mascara’ and ‘lash fibres’.

How does FIBRE LASH work?

After one application of the extension mascara, the revolutionary brush-on tiny nylon Lash Fibres adhere to your lash follicles, acting like instant false eye lashes. Another coat of the lightweight extension mascara formula secures the fibres in place. The more you apply, the more dramatic result!

Will FIBRE LASH really add millimetres on the ends of your eye lashes?

Yes. When you apply FIBER LASH the tiny nylon fibres attach to the end of your own lashes therefore looking totally natural and real. The longer you want your lashes, the more times you apply. The unique, tiny hair like nylon fibers give high-impact length, whilst Bees Wax and Carnauba Wax help keep lashes soft and nourished.

How long will FIBER LASH last?

If used every day your FIBRE LASH kit should last about 30+ applications, which is excellent value.No more glued fake lashes or spending hours in the salon, get voluptuous, clump-free lashes that are smudge & tear proof, and slide off easily with warm water – so no more panda eyes!